The Pontificator in Person

The Pontificator in Person
I Blink Therefore I Am

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ok so it hasn't been a week, but HEY it IS making me post more - right?

This song (like for most people my age) was my first exposure to Led Zepplin as a teenager. What I never dreamed of happening was Stairway becoming a staple "bedtime" song for my 5 month old! Our other children still enjoy listening to Enya because they all were put to bed listening to her at one point or another. Zoey on the other hand sleeps just fine, unless she is in the car (again opposite of the other children!). One day, Ginney was desperatly trying to get Zoey to calm down on the way home and she came upon this song on her mp3 phone. Lo and behold a new Randall tradition was started as Zoey fell fast asleep listening to one of the greatest rock bands of the 60's & 70's! :D

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